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Acme Window Shades is one of the leading Importer, Exporter and Distributor of high quality Solar Control Film.

We carry high-grade Solar Control Films from Japan which are branded under EcoShield™, and have been widely sold in South-East Asia with increasingly demands in Asia region. We are also Authorized Dealer for internationally renowned brand SunShield® (USA) and Innotech™( Korea) ranges of Solar Control Products.

EcoShield™ Energy Savings Window Films can reduce heat by rejecting 75% of total solar energy, and 99% of harmful ultra-violet ray which can protect your furnishings from fading and minimize your air conditioning cost.

You will find what you can expect from our range of EcoShield™ products which will be able to reduce the heat, harmful ultra-violet radiation and glares from the sunlight, to provide you an easeful environment and comfortable view when you look out of the window.

Our sales consultants are thoroughly trained and can recommend the right film to solve the problem a client is having with the sun’s fading, heat, or glare, and can professionally address privacy or security issues.

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